On the Cubs & recent drafts…

For my money, the MLB Draft is the most intriguing draft in professional sports.

Yes, the NFL Draft is a huge event that generates revenue and an even bigger TV audience. And the NBA Draft features the most noticeable players, thanks in part to March Madness, the seemingly endless prep basketball cycle of scouting and the growing accessibility to European basketball.

But save for the NHL Draft, I’m not sure there is a diverse talent pool to choose from as large as the one for the MLB Draft. High school seniors. College seniors. College juniors. Junior college. And I imagine it would be larger if international players could be added to the mix. It’s more difficult to project what an 18-year-old high school senior can be (talent, body type, etc.) on a baseball diamond than it is to project what a 21-year-old you’ve seen on Saturday’s on the gridiron or during March Madness. But that’s part of the allure of baseball’s draft.

And why I think it’s silly when teams are labeled winners and losers after one day of drafting.

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