The Bulls Made The Playoffs And I’m Not Sure Why

Wait. The Bulls made the playoffs?

Who authorized this?



OK. I know how. Jimmy Butler was superb down the stretch. The Bulls were 33-38 after losing to the Raptors in overtime on March 21. After that, Butler averaged 26.3 points on 52.1% shooting, 7.3 assists, and 6.0 rebounds in the Bulls’ final 11 games. They went 8-3.

It makes you wonder why a handful of talking heads in town want to trade him. To get picks? Sure. Let’s trust high picks with a front office that loooooooved Kris Dunn? The Bulls considered trading Butler for Dunn, who shot 37.7% from the field, 28.8% from the 3-point line, and averaged 3.8 points in 17.1 minutes per game. I think you want a little more production out of someone drafted with a top-5 pick. Remember, this is the same front office that traded up to draft Doug McDermott, said it wanted to get younger and more athletic weeks before drafting the athletically limited Denzel Valentine, and thought Marquis Teague was a better fit than Draymond Green.


The Bulls and Celtics couldn’t be more different. Boston is a good team led by a good coach, and proactive front office that executed a rebuild AND has high picks to deal in case it wants to go nuclear to land a star on the trading block. The Bulls are a mediocre team at best, led by a coach who is totally out of his element, and a front office that seemingly devalues everything that makes modern basketball entertaining, and ultimately, good.

Basketball’s best teams have athleticism and perimeter shooting. The Bulls don’t really have either. They are to basketball what the White Sox were to baseball in recent years before the Cubs won a World Series after a five-year teardown/rebuild effort that seemed to set the wheels of change in motion over at 35th and Shields. I’ll never understand why the Cubs (who don’t play in the same league as the White Sox) can seemingly impact things when the Cavaliers (who share the same division and conference as the Bulls) win a NBA title and the Bulls stay committed to the status quo. As far as I’m concerned, it pretty much says everything you need to know about how the two organizations are run.

The Bulls are now locked into the 16th draft pick, where projects them to pick UCLA PF T.J. Leaf. Whatever. Just don’t draft Grayson Allen.

My dilemma: I got a good price on the Celtics winning the East. Do I root for my money or for my interest? Does it even matter? Because in the end, the Bulls got everything they wanted out of the 2016-17 season — two more home games worth of revenue.


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