What a difference a game makes: A brief recap of Bulls loss to Bucks in Game 4

How do you let that happen?

Well, first, it’s great coaching by Jason Kidd. First to get the timeout after forcing Derrick Rose’s eighth (and final) turnover of the night. Kidd then followed that up with up with a clean play call getting Jerryd Bayless to cut to the basket to deliver the game winner beating Derrick Rose.

Turns out Kidd was a better coach than what any of us expected. That bodes well when Jabari Parker eventually returns from injury and if the Bucks can secure a serviceable role player with the 17th pick in the draft this June.

From a Bulls perspective, there is a lot I don’t like about that play.

While I do like that Joakim Noah is guarding the side-out pass, I don’t like how the Bulls do not have a rim protector in front of the bucket. An overwhelming majority of plays in that situation with that much time left have players going to the bucket to the point where you’re asking for trouble if you don’t have one guy there, just so he can prevent that exact play from happening.

In that situation, you have to let Milwaukee beat you from the perimeter. And if the Bucks do, you tip your cap to them, shake hands and meet up again in Chicago.

Also, why is Derrick Rose on the court?

Am I nit-picking? Possibly. But Rose is the Bulls’ least reliable defender and him getting caught napping with the game on the line was a refresher on that. Did you see the look on his face after the game-winner went up? It’s as if he knew he was in for a long night of Tom Thibodeau preaching defensive principles in a raspy tone.

And despite the events of last night, the Bulls are still in a prime position to win the series, move on to the next round and give the Cleveland Cavaliers a tough fight.

But judging by social media reactions, you’d think the Bulls are screwed.

Bulls win in 4: This is the year!

Bulls win in 5: Doooooooooooooom!

Seriously? Do better, Bulls fans.

When this series with the Bucks wraps up, I’ll give a little more insight into what the Bulls have and what they’ll need to do moving forward.

Until then, relax. There is nothing that has happened in this series that makes me think of this team any different than what I thought of them coming into the season, at the All-Star break or leading up to the postseason.


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