Was Jay Cutler targeting Brandon Marshall too much? The answer (statistically) is probably “No.”

It’s moments like this where I realize why exactly the Chicago Tribune has so many reporters to cover the Bears.

After the season-ending loss to Green Bay on Sunday, there are seemingly infinite story lines to follow.

But because of the quick turnaround between season’s end and the last holiday of the year, I found myself trying to limit what I wanted to touch on — at least for one day.

I already had a bit of an “airing of grievances” earlier via Twitter, but there is one thing I simply couldn’t fit into 140 characters.

And that’s the narrative that quarterback Jay Cutler only has eyes for Brandon Marshall.

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Making Sense Of Nonsense: Paul Konerko re-signs with White Sox

Never have I seen the signing of a player whose presence takes up 1/25th of a roster and whose salary accounts for 3.486 percent of a team’s estimated payroll receive so much negative feedback.

The Chicago White Sox re-signed first baseman Paul Konerko to a one-year deal worth $2.5 million, with $1 million being deferred. Much has been made about the intangibles Konerko will bring for his 16th year with the club.

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