Theo Epstein, You’re Off The Hook

It’s only fitting that on Halloween, we spin the tale of the urban legend that reels the story of how Theo Epstein left the Red Sox high and dry when he bolted for the Cubs after the 2011 season. Continue reading


#TheReturn Part Two (This Time It Counts): A Chicago Bulls Preview

The Derrick Rose Tease Tour of 2012-13 was unlike anything in sports I’ve ever experienced. Between the Adidas hype campaign, Derrick’s big-mouth brother and the non-commitment from the Bulls franchise to admit the plan all along was to shut Rose down, fans were left wanting more and many (myself included) critical of the whole ordeal.

I, for one, will not step back from my criticism. I don’t think it was fair to Rose’s teammates, fans or the organization that pays him millions of dollars, for him not to be honest (with himself, his teammates, fans or the organization) and be up front about the process. Rose could have put everything to sleep early with an ounce of transparency and honesty. It was as bad of a PR move as one could make, and pretty stunning considering Rose’s handlers are among the best in the business.

And that brings us to the 2013-14 season, which is the most anticipated Bulls campaign since the Bulls’ years as a perennial contender. In its most basic breakdown, the Bulls feature one of the league’s top-5 players in Rose and a top-5 coach. That alone should be worth the price of admission for Bulls fans.

After the jump, a look at how the Bulls break down from the top. Continue reading