#LoseTodayForABetterTomorrow: A look back at what went right (and wrong) in the Cubs’ first half

Don’t let the 42-51 first-half record fool you, the Cubs are a better team than their record suggests.


On the other hand, don’t let the 45-48 Pythagorean record fool you, either. It’s a slippery slope, so beware.


The Cubs are in a better place than where they were a year ago at this time, but it doesn’t mean they’re ready to compete in a division which features three teams that would be in the MLB postseason if it began today, two of which own a winning percentage of .600+.

Still, after one “half” of baseball, it’s hard not to be optimistic about the long-term future of the club, even if the franchise is still in #LoseTodayForABetterTomorrow territory.

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