Tennis Time

Covering tennis is a bit of a new experience for yours truly. Sure, while I was at SIU Carbondale, one of my first beats was covering men’s and women’s tennis.

It was a unique beat because it’s one that doesn’t get much pub unless something really good — such as going to the national tournament — or something bad — random player disappearance and departure — happens.

So, I’ve embraced covering tennis this year in a rather anonymous setting. Working with a coach who is very open and accessible and covering kids who are having a successful season makes it easy, too. Continue reading


New Job. New Updates

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. So, I’m sorry if you feel as if you’ve been missing out.

I’ll have updates from here on out from my new gig as I spread my love through my work.

(OK. That doesn’t even make sense. Oh well. It’s Friday. Let’s go home!)